Cats Get Bored Too

Sure, on day one of any vacation it’s nice to pick out a nice lounge chair, grab a good book, order a cocktail and settle into a nice nap in the sun (the book is just a cover for those who claim to want to do something on vacation). But what about on day 100 something of a Shelter in Place mandated vacation? Frankly, nap time is over – and your cat thinks so, too.

I know, like really – my cat wants to do something besides sleep in the sun and wake me up way too early to be fed? Yes, it’s true, cats need enrichment and activities (just likes dogs – only better of course). What kind of enrichment or activities are available? Well, I can’t speak for your house, but at our cat house (finally got to use that in a blog), Cat Safari, we’ve got an amazing assortment.

  • Safari Solarium: A one-of-a-kind experience for your cat to explore the great “outdoors” all while safely ensconced in our 500 square foot Safari Solarium. Your cat can explore and climb to their heart’s content – just like you would if you could get a reservation at a National Park.
  • Pi-cat-so: Art class for your cat! There are some things that simply don’t translate to distance not-really-learning and cat art classes are one of them. Your cat will create a masterpiece that you get to take home already framed and ready for display on your refrigerator.
  • Presidio Stroll: Your cat will stroll around posh Presidio Heights in a custom cat stroller. A Pet Camp Counselor in proper PPE will take your cat on a stroll visiting the newly reopened shops on Sacramento Street and maybe take in some outdoor dining.
  • VIP Treatment: Very Individualized Playtime for the Very Important Pet. Need we say more? This is a special time doing whatever your cat wants. Brushing, chasing, pouncing – the list goes on and on.
  • Clubbin’ It: Sure, the clubs are closed, but the club lighting is running at Cat Safari! Let your cat chase the ever-changing patterns and colors on the cat room floors – way better then some on-line cat fitness class!

We know this never-ending Groundhog Day has got many humans down, but don’t let it bring your cat down too! We’ve given you our enrichment ideas and activities – you just need to bring your cat to Cat Safari to enjoy them. What ideas have you come up with?

Thanks for reading, stay healthy & keep your cat engaged!

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