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Cat on a perch

Cats and Your Mental Health

Pawsitive Vibes: The Mental Health Benefits of Having a Cat in a Dense Urban Environment In the hustle and bustle of a dense urban environment, where the streets are crowded and the pace of life is relentless, finding moments of calm and solace can be challenging. Turns out that even in the mean Streets of…

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Karl and Your Dog

I have no idea why the San Francisco fog is called Karl, but we all know it is. I also don’t know why people complain about the fog! Really, if you’re seeking heat, just drive 30 minutes in any direction, and you’ll find it. As for me, I’ll keep it between 50 and 65 degrees…

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San Francisco City Hall Dome

Investing in San Francisco and Your Dog

I moved to San Francisco in September 1988.  I had been to California twice before: once for three days in Oakland to take the California Bar Exam, and the second for three days in San Francisco to look at neighborhoods I might want to live in when I moved here.  Besides that, with no tie…

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How to protect your dog from foxtails in the San Francisco Bay Area

It may be only June, but foxtails are in full “bloom” in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yes, foxtails are an annual issue, but in the past pet parents didn’t really need to focus on foxtails until the fall when the grass is supposed to turn brown. Sadly, early foxtails are another symptom of the…

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dogs on the playground

Coronavirus and CIRD-Complex: How To Protect Your Dog From Respiratory Diseases?

One cannot listen to the news, scan the newspaper, or look at social media without there being a mention of the Coronavirus.  While there are a host of interesting and scary things about the Coronavirus, one of the things that is fascinating is the similarities between stopping the spread of Coronavirus and stopping the spread…

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Howl-oween in San Francisco

Halloween is a national holiday in San Francisco and we want your camper to be part of the fun. There are all sorts of gimmicks we could pull for Howl-o-ween (just calling it Howl-o-ween is the first gimmick) but we know you’re much too sophisticated for all that stuff. So instead, we’re going back to…

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