Karl and Your Dog

I have no idea why the San Francisco fog is called Karl, but we all know it is. I also don’t know why people complain about the fog! Really, if you’re seeking heat, just drive 30 minutes in any direction, and you’ll find it. As for me, I’ll keep it between 50 and 65 degrees all summer long.

But how does Karl impact your dog?  For my Newfs, it’s the best summer gift, but there are still some things to consider on those cold, windy, and foggy summer days.

  1. Visibility: It should come as no surprise that when the fog rolls in, visibility goes down. If you are out and about with your dogs on days when you can’t see 50 feet in front of you, remember that neither can anyone else – including drivers. Think about investing in reflective gear for you or your pet, or even some LED gear.
  2. It’s Slippery: Can you believe it? When there’s moisture on the ground, it can get slippery. Who would have thunk that? But seriously, between excited dogs, hills, and the City’s tendency to use non-skid paint sparingly on street signage, the possibility of an accident is real. So, slow down!
  3. Use a Leash: Honestly, I understand how this can be disheartening to hear, and I’m guilty of not always following this advice myself. The foggiest parts of the City are going to be by the ocean – where we have amazing off-leash areas like Fort Funston. However, even a dog with amazing recall can get disoriented in dense fog. If, like me, you can’t imagine spending an hour or more walking at Fort Funston with your dog on a leash, at least keep your dog close by calling them more frequently than you might otherwise.
  4. Use a Jacket: While I see plenty of dogs in jackets every summer.  Sorry, I simply can’t advocate for this. Yes, it’s “cold” and damp – but your dog is probably ok even if it is 50 degrees in the middle of summer without a jacket.
  5. Bring a “go-cup” of coffee. Need I say more?

May Grey followed by June Gloom – Summer in San Francisco! Fret not, we’ll see the sun in September.  Have fun, be safe, and stay warm.

Thanks for reading!