Can I Volunteer at Pet Camp?

Sadly, the answer is no.  We’re thrilled that you think being at Pet Camp is so much fun that you want to volunteer to be here. Frankly, we think Pet Camp is the best doggie daycare and pet boarding facility there is, and understand why you would want to spend time with us.  But because we don’t have volunteer insurance we’re not allowed to take volunteers unless they come to us through a program.   Volunteers are not employees, so they are not covered by worker’s compensation insurance (heaven forbid something were to happen) and we don’t get asked frequently enough for volunteer opportunities, nor would we be able to accept a sufficient number of volunteers, to justify having volunteer insurance.

That said, don’t let the fact that you can’t work here for free dissuade you from wanting to get paid to work here! We’re always looking for great counselors to work directly with the dogs and cats, to provide amazing customer service at our front desk, to get Pet Camp more exposure (in other words – marketing), and of course, to drive the Pet Camp Express vehicles.  Pet Camp offers competitive wages, comprehensive health insurance (including dental and vision), a 401(k) program, continuing education, a scholarship program, profit sharing (when there are profits to share) and best of all, you get to bring your dog to work! So, if you like to get paid more than you like working for free, don’t be afraid to apply!

If you have another job that for some reason is more attractive than spending your day with dogs and cats, we understand (well, actually we don’t) and there are plenty of amazing volunteer opportunities with dogs and cats in San Francisco.  Of course we have a soft spot for the amazing work done at San Francisco Animal Care & Control and think you should volunteer there, but you can also consider San Francisco SPCA or Muttville.  All three of these great places are located on the same block!