Brexit, Who Cares? – the Brit’s Have a Million Dogs with Mental Health Disorders!

Sure the Brits are worried about Brexit, the economic wonks (yes, that’s a real word) around the world are cogitating about the potential economic impact of a hard Brexit and Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to ever have a good day.

But we say stop the presses, as there is much more important news coming out of our former colonizing power across the pond: there are nearly 1,000,000 dogs in the UK with mental health disorders. This has a devastating impact on the dogs, their pet parents, and the UK economy!

News sources around the UK are running a story that dog behaviorists in the UK think that 1 in 10 dogs are suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks.   So far the Pet Camp blog is the leading media source in San Francisco to have picked up this story.  We are stunned by the scope of the problem but, of course, have a solution.

Like all good parents, the UK pet parents have taken time off from work to address the issues facing their pets – an average 4 days off from work in 2018. This equates to the UK economy losing 31.5 million workdays! The economic wonks should calculate the economic impact of losing 31.5 million workdays a year!

Yet the proposed solutions to stabilize the UK economy and more importantly to help these dogs are so easy:

  • Providing a predictable pattern to your dog’s day.
  • Not leaving your dog home alone for too long (not more than 4 hours at a time).
  • Not providing enough exercise for your dog.

And here’s where Pet Camp comes in. To help our 4-legged friends across the pond, we suggest that someone in the UK sponsor Pet Camp to set up a demonstration doggie daycare facility in some nice town with a good pub or two. We already know that Pet Camp’s doggie daycare provides all three of the suggested solutions above.

  • We offer doggie daycare every day of the year.  British dogs will be able to play all day, participate in structured group play, and for dogs that do better not in group play we offer our K9 Enrichment program.
  • Pet Camp offers doggie daycare from 7 in the morning to 7 at night during the week and 8 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. No more leaving British dogs alone for more than 4 hours.
  • Exercise, really? With the new Meadow, Pet Camp has more than 23,000 square feet of play space. Plenty of room for all sorts of doggie exercise.  We’re confident we can replicate this in the UK.

So, to all of our UK blog readers (or maybe one of you 5 US readers might have a friend in the UK), we are ready to solve your doggie mental health issues. Just send a check or Venmo the money directly to Mark and he’ll be on his way to check out small towns and pubs and set up the Pet Camp UK facility.

We know that ensuring your dog has a structured day filled with activities that are designed specifically for him or her is essential to both the physical and mental health of your dog. While this blog was written tongue in cheek, we are not discounting the level of stress caused by separation anxiety and lack of activity in dogs. We also very much believe that doggie daycare at a quality pet care facility can provide a solution.

Thanks for reading.

Pet Camp has been providing award wining doggie daycare to San Francisco’s dogs for over twenty years. Unlike some doggie day facilities that only offer one daycare option, Pet Camp offers both a range of play opportunities and play groups. Pet Camp’s K9 enrichment program allows dogs that don’t enjoy the company of other dogs the opportunity to attend doggie daycare.  If you are a San Francisco Bay Area pet parent whose dog would benefit from doggie day care, give the counselors a call.