Big Dogs – Why We Love Them!

The other week, we posted a blog critical of a post that listed only small dogs as good apartment dogs. We protested that big dogs also made great apartment dogs (and great dogs overall). We’re thrilled to report that in their Spring 2021 Our Animals magazine the San Francisco SPCA agreed with our assertion.
The SF SPCA published a short article busting 4 myths about big dogs:

  1. They can’t live in apartments: they can
  2. They are more aggressive than small dogs: they are not.
  3. They aren’t good with kids: they are great with kids.
  4. They make great guard dogs: they do not.

In the past we’ve focused on the apartment and kid issue when it comes to big dogs and it was good to get the SF SPCA support on these issues. It was great to see SF SPCA responding to the myths that big dogs are more aggressive than small dogs and that they make good guard dogs.  


If there is one thing we think the SF SPCA needs to think about is their definition of big dogs. SF SPCA talks about big dogs as weighing 75 pounds. In our house at least, dog weight starts at 100 lbs. and goes up from there. If you have questions about big dogs in a small San Francisco apartment or house or how to deal with big dogs and kids, here are a few of our previous blog posts:

If reading old blogs isn’t your thing, just ask Mark (he’s the guy with 4 kids, a Mastiff and a Newfoundland).
Thanks for reading.

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