Bark to School & Kitty Kindergarten

It’s only August and it’s already time to start thinking about going back to school.  What ever happened to the unwritten rule that you didn’t go back until after Labor Day?  If the two-legged kids are going back to school, we say your camper should get in on the fun too with Bark to School and Kitty Kindergarten!

Bark to School is our August Doggie Day Care party.  Join us on Tuesday, August 21st for a day of fun and education.  Our day care parties are only $10.00 – a heck of a lot less expensive than a day at Stuart Hall, Urban, University and the rest of those schools that make San Francisco parents wonder, “why did we stay in the city anyway?”  Remember, 50% of all our Doggie Day Care party revenue goes to help build a new shelter for San Francisco’s homeless pets.

But of course, there is no reason our feline friends should not further their education too!  Back-to-school season is the purrfect time to sign your kitten up for Kitten Kindergarten. In just a few short days we’ll have your kitten Harvard bound (sorry Cal, Stanford, UCLA and any other alum or current students we’ve offended).