pet-camp-simpler-time-heroWe all know that Mark is an old fart, but even the millennials at Pet Camp agree that it’s gotten too complicated to purchase things in San Francisco. Almost every restaurant has a surcharge for “local employee mandates.” We got new tires on the Pet Camp Express and there was a “worker’s compensation” surcharge. These surcharges aren’t on the menu or part of the quoted price, they’re snuck in at the end (after you’ve eaten or gotten your new tires) when it’s too late to say “no thanks.”  And don’t even get us started on this whole dynamic pricing thing. Really, it was bad enough when the Giants decided to charge more when the Dodgers were in town, but does the City need to have dynamic pricing on the parking meters too? At Pet Camp we say enough is enough! We’re going to make it easier to understand our pricing and the price we say is the price you’ll pay. You won’t find some small print add on, surge pricing or any other sneaky way to separate you from your money. Sure, it’s true that the prices at Pet Camp might not be the cheapest around (hey, that’s the cost of quality counselors, health insurance, 401(k) plans, and scholarship opportunities) but we think if you compare final prices and what you actually get for your money, Pet Camp is still the best deal for both you and your camper.

3 Responses to “Simpler Times”

  1. Tom

    I have never understood your pricing and see listed prices. Will you now provide a current price list on your website? I hope so.

  2. Gia

    This is still confusing, as you don’t post the rates for the different activities; also when you first started this system I was told that I needed to pick the same activity every day while my dog was boarding, but was recently told that I can (for example) sign her up for a play group every other day. Clarification of your pricing policies would really be helpful.