San Francisco Bay Area Pet Resources

Having a dog or cat (or both if you are so lucky) in the San Francisco Bay Area is amazing! We are fortunate to have wonderful outdoor spaces, pet friendly activities, and outstanding veterinary care. While no single list can ever include all this material, we have tried to provide you with information and links to those who might be able to answer your questions about pet care in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as ideas of things to do with your pet when they are not at Pet Camp. This list will continue to evolve, so if we have missed something, please pass it along.

dog on a beach

Emergency clinics for pet parents:

Veterinary clinics for
pet parents:

Looking for more?

If you have a question that we didn’t answer, a name to include on our list, or other ideas to share for dog and cat parents, please email them to us. We’ve started in San Francisco (our home) but will gradually add other areas. Feel free to share which area we should include next when you send over ideas.

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