We have no idea why this holiday has not been moved to a Monday in April.  Really, it’s Independence Day and we’ve not had a Monday off since sometime in February!  A day to relax, kick back and have your pet make you breakfast in the morning, go to work for you (Splash can probably spell better than me), and then take care of you in the evening. If you had a chance to take the day off and make you pet do all the work – what would you have them do?   Or would you rather just take the day off with your pet for some relaxing time together?  I wonder if I can Splash to BBQ some steaks (for me not her) – might be pushing my luck?

One Response to “Pet Owner’s Independence Day”

  1. Peetie's human

    After having been chauffeured almost daily in the past 10 years, I’m convinced my dog actually knows how to drive, so I’d have her drive me all over town. I’m not so sure about her meal preparing talents, though — kibble and the cookies at Pet Camp seems to be the extent of her culinary horizon.