Pet Care Assistant Job

January 29, 2019

Pet Camp, San Francisco’s original premier lodging experience for pets, is looking for caring, conscientious and dedicated pet care assistants to work with our dog and cat campers year-round as well as over the busy summer and winter holiday seasons! As a member of an award-winning pet lodging team, you will be helping to care for up to 160 dogs and 80 cats every day, attending to their every need and wish; after all, Pet Camp is where pets do what pets love!. Dogs and cats are messy- you’ll be cleaning a lot and doing dishes and laundry. We have every modern convenience to make cleaning easier, but be prepared for lots of hard work!

This position is responsible for assisting the full-time Pet Camp counselors in the day-to-day care of our dog and cat campers during the regular school year, the winter and spring holiday seasons, and the busy summer months. The duties include, but may not be limited to:

• Providing dog campers with clean water and bedding throughout the day
• Conducting one-on-one play sessions with dogs and cats
• Washing dishes
• Laundry (washing and folding)
• General sweeping and cleaning
• Moving dogs from campsite to campsite
• Taking dogs of all shapes and sizes out to the play yard for bathroom breaks
• Caring for our cat campers by cleaning litter boxes and providing fresh food and water every day.

The applicant MUST be available to work at least one weekend day; ability to work holidays (or days surrounding holidays) is a big plus; worked holidays are payable at time and a half. Shifts are flexible- we’ll work around your school needs! Please let us know your availability during the week on weekends when we interview.

You must have:
• Personal experience with dogs;
• Personal experience with cats is a plus; at the very least, you cannot be afraid of or allergic to cats.
• Be prepared to clean up lots of pet messes;
• Work well with a team;
• Be very punctual; and,
• Have great attention to detail.

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