I’m a big believer that humans eat human food and dogs eat dog food. I think it’s healthier for my dog.  I don’t think her stomach can process the spicy Mexican food that I like – and there are plenty of really high quality dog foods available. Equally important, I don’t want her to think that “hanging around” (a nicer way to say begging) people who are eating will be rewarded by getting something special.

Now I know that there are some folks, and maybe even the majority of them, who think differently than I. Frankly, while I think they’re wrong and I won’t be handing their dogs any leftovers from my plate, I respect that they made a decision about how to treat their dog and I won’t tell them to stop (no matter how tempted I am). I just wish that they would respect my decision about my dog’s dietary regime! If you want to offer my dog anything to eat, from a dog treat to a slice of cheese pizza you should ask me what I want for my dog. Trust me, if you ask her she’ll say yes to pretty much anything.

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11 Responses to “Stop Feeding My Dog Human Food”

  1. Kristine

    Agreed. What people choose to feed their dogs is personal and it is definitely rude to offer something without checking with the dog’s person first. It’s like asking a child if they want a candy without first making sure with the parent that the child is allowed. The child will always say yes whether the parent wants them to have it or not. 

  2. lweis

    I concur, although my inner Italian “food is love” grandmother would disagree, as evidenced by my dogs drooling happily at my feet as I prepare dinner…

  3. steve_ttpl

    Great post!  I agree and would always expect/hope that anyone would ask before feeding our dogs anything.

  4. draughnetv

    well we used to feed our dogs human food because they want it rather than dog foods, what we did, we mix it in human foods together with the dog food, well we limit those human foods to be feed on them.

  5. Sam Buddy

    I do agree with @draughnetv:disqus . I also used to feed my dog human food. But recently, I learned from http://www.dkc.ae/ that it would be better to give them dog food. In case your dog doesn’t like it, then just mix it with human food but the quantity should be controlled.