How To Walk Your Dog – National Walk Your Dog Week

October 1, 2016

Pet Camp Camper Cadet dog training program offers tips on how to walk your dog on a leash and enjoy National Walk Your Dog Week. This video shows you how to walk your dog and train them. Watch more dog training videos here:…

It may take a while, but in the end we promise it’s worth it! A dog that behaves on the leash will make you want to get up and go outside more. You’ll find an exercised pooch behaves better in other training areas and lets you relax at home. You will also find you feel less guilty about having that extra slice of pizza if you and Fido had your morning stroll. And if you’re having trouble or have hit a snag in training, pop down to Pet Camp’s Main Campground and ask about our Camper Cadet program! Our trainers would love to help set you up with a starting point and offer more tips and sessions. Your dog will thank you for all the extra walks.

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