Five Tips When Buying Cat Toys

June 7, 2016

At Pet Camp’s Cat Safari cat boarding location, our focus is on caring for cats while their humans are out of town. Our focus is of course on health and safety, but camp should also be fun!

Pet Camp Cat Safari

Gus enjoys the aquariums at Pet Camp Cat Safari

Between the tower aquariums, wide window sills, club lights and of course the Safari Solarium, we know we’ve got the fun component covered while your cat is staying with us. But what about when your cat is at home with you? Do you know how to entertain your cat between trips to Cat Safari cat boarding? Here are five tips for buying cat toys to play with at home.

1.    Fun For Both of You

One of the great things about buying a cat toy is that playing increases the bond between you and your cat. While cats are often described as solitary animals, playing with your cat is something for you to do together, so purchase a cat toy that you will get a kick out of as much as your cat will. If you can’t imagine yourself playing with the toy, then how much will your cat enjoy it

2.    Durability

Just like purchasing a toy for your human child, you want to get your money’s worth out of any toy you buy for your cat. Something that looks too fragile for everyday use by your cat won’t get used on any day. Even Kong, the toy company famous for its extra-durable dog toys, makes fun toys that are created to stand up to even the most ferocious feline.

3.     Stimulation

One of the key things about playing with your cat is using their natural instincts as part of play. Various animal behavior studies show that being able to safely display natural instincts is vital for the physical and mental health and well-being of both dogs AND cats. Toys that allow your cat to hunt and pounce will both entertain your cat (and you) and allow your cat to be a cat.

4.     Sound

Too often cat toys focus on visual stimulation only, but your cat can be intrigued by sounds as well as sight. Just ask any cat about toys that mimic live critters by zipping to and fro while making funny sounds, and they’ll tell you that those are THE best!

5.   Safety First

Cats are chewers, biters, and love to tear things up. Toys that consist of lots of small parts that can be dislodged and easily swallowed should be avoided. Even the heartiest toys can fade over time so inspect your cat’s toys periodically for wear and tear. When in doubt, throw it out, and don’t leave your cat alone with any toy

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