29 Jul

Cat Care: What Cats Do at Pet Camp

Pet Camp is where pets do what pets love because we have lots of different activities and lots of options. Each cat is really different, so we have a lot of activities, a lot of different choices for cats. We have extra wide windowsills, for those cats who like to lie in the sun and […]

24 Jun

Pet Care: What is Doggy Day Care? – Pet Camp

What differentiates Pet Camp from any other pet care facility, both in San Fransisco and beyond, is that we designed Pet Camp for dogs and cats. Whether it’s the massive outdoor space we built for the dogs. The safari solarium we built for cats. The HVAC system that moves the air every four and a half […]

22 Apr

Pet Care: What is the Star Camper Contest? – Pet Camp

Pet Camp is really proud of our Star Campers. How do you get to be a star camper? It’s a great opportunity to show off your dog or cat to the thousands, and I mean thousands and thousands of people who look at our website and our Facebook page everyday. So how do you get to […]

13 Apr

Pet Care: Green Initiative on CBS 5 News – Pet Camp

Businesses are finding that going green can help them stay in the black. Linda Yi tell us it’s already paying off for some San Francisco business owners. The polar ice cap is turning to Arctic slush. Hurricanes are destroying communities, and unbearable summer heat are all evidence global warming is slowly hurting Earth. Now some San […]

10 Apr

Virginia Donohue of Pet Camp is Interviewed on Fine Living

Quit Your Job – Pet Camp Episode – We’re following five people who left successful careers in order to become their own boss. Up next, an animal lover with big green dreams. While working at a cubicle job, Virginia Donohue wished for a way to bring her dog to work with her. They say be careful […]

9 Apr

Pet Care: AT&T Features Pet Camp

Pet Camp is a certified Green Business. We have 6,000 square feet of outdoor play space and it’s all covered in field turf. So, it’s that new generation of AstroTurf. It’s really soft and cushiony, drains real well and that lets our dogs come out to play. And it recreates that sort of dog park experience […]

8 Apr

Pet Care: Big Fan Features Pet Camp

Pet Camp is a boarding facility for dogs and cats located in San Francisco, California. But what makes it unique is so the way we approach what we do, our whole goal was to replicate the dog park experience that we have in San Francisco. San Francisco is an urban market, obviously and most of us […]