4 May

Enroll in our NEW Kitty Kindergarten Program!

Just like a new puppy, a new kitten has special needs and there are steps you can take early in your kitten’s life that will set him or her up for long term success.  Ishai, Pet Camp’s “The Cat Man,” has developed Kitten Kindergarten to meet your kitten’s needs. Our new Kitten Kindergarten includes a […]

23 Mar

Happy National Puppy Day!

Celebrate your puppy on National Puppy Day! March 23rd is National Puppy Day – as if you needed a special day to celebrate your puppy! We know that having a puppy is an amazing experience, but there are things you can do early in your puppy’s life that will make both puppyhood and adulthood more […]

13 Sep

Camper Cadet Program

Our Camper Cadet Program is our basic obedience training program using only positive reinforcement that teaches your dog to good urban manners, so that you and your pooch can have the freedom to go to more places together with less stress. It covers 5 behaviors over 5 days: sit, down, name recognition, leave it, and […]

16 Aug

Happy International Cat Day!

Join all of us at Pet Camp in celebrating International Cat Day!  See why taking care of cats is so much more than just providing a clean litter box and some food, meet Ishai the new Cat Safari manager and “Willis”, and hear when Amber first knew that she had super powers that let her […]

26 Mar

Dog Bite Prevention

A big part of preventing a dog bite is being able to assess the situations when it is appropriate or not appropriate to approach a dog. Hope you enjoy!

27 Feb

Spay Day at Pet Camp

Learn from the Peninsula Humane Society why spaying or neutering your pet is so important. Make a reservation: https://www.petcamp.com/make-a-reserv…