Pet Care: ABC 7 Features Pet Camp

March 10, 2012

Is it ok to leave your little friends behind when you’re going away on vacation? After all you can’t always take your dog or cat with you but you can leave them in good hands. Is here with some tips on where to board and should we say overnight your.

Overnight or doggy spas as their calling it or Pet hotels. In the past we used to think of boarding or kenneling your animal is in a stark cage. They turn the key, throw it away until you get back from vacation. Things have changed. Listen, they will give them facials, paint their nails if you ask them to. Absolutely pampering and we went ahead and visited three, kind of a high end pet camps or pet boarding facilities across the Bay area.

I want to say that though, there are hundreds of them and these These are just a couple of the high end ones now. This one you see here, this is pet camp this is in San Francisco. They brought this dog in and he was a chihuahua who has gained all that weight.

They actually separate the dogs in different kinds of pens so they can, playpens, so they can play and they also have a feature here called hydrotherapy if your dog is overweight. You want him to get a little bit of exercise. They have a wonderful pool there but. That’s the kind of vacation I want to take.

Pet Camp is Featured on CBS News Channel 5

March 9, 2012

How you can take your cat on safari without leaving the Bay Area? Across the Bay, it is a home away from home for some very pampered pets. Our Mike Sugarman reports on a cat hotel that is green in more ways than one.

San Francisco’s newest cat house isn’t bringing out the vice squad, it is bringing out the mice squad. For a city cats it can be a jungle out there. Now they actually have a jungle where they can relax and let their fur down. Indoor cats spend a lot of the time sitting at the window saying, I wanna go out there, I wanna go out there, I wanna see what that’s like.

I wanna eat that grass, I wanna get under the bushes, and here they can do all that. Better than home. It is a home away from home when their people are not at home. Pet Camp Cat Safari: Pamper to animals of the feline persuasion, with lush private garden, bubbling fountain, disco lights and fish to give kitties something to chase, and privacy when they need it. Apparently, cats don’t like each other very much. Most cats think they are the only cat in the world. It’s shocking to me that there are more cats cuz most of them act like horrified that there’s another’s cat here.

Virginia Donahue and her husband have just opened Cat Safari in San Francisco among the plushest if not the plushest place of it’s kind in the Bay area. The kitties here are boarders their people off on vacation or something. Occasionally, you get day campers. These are cats that are trying to avoid the landlord when people bring them in.

The facility is run on solar power and said to be the nation’s only certified Green pet care center. The cost of this pampering? $25.00 a day. But for real cat people, the tab for their tabby isn’t all that important.