Pet Care: What is the Star Camper Contest? – Pet Camp

April 22, 2013

Pet Camp is really proud of our Star Campers. How do you get to be a star camper? It’s a great opportunity to show off your dog or cat to the thousands, and I mean thousands and thousands of people who look at our website and our Facebook page everyday.

So how do you get to be a star camper? You have to submit your picture and why your camper should be the next star camper. So your camper, your dog or cat can be a star camper pretty easily. All they have to do is upload a picture to our Facebook album, and tell us why your camper, your dog or cat, should be the next star camper.

And why would your dog or cat want to be a star camper? Think about the fame, the glory, the attention, the thousands of people looking at your camper everyday and every night on our Facebook page and on our webpage. The accolades are amazing, the press opportunities are great.

The fame yeah, the fortune probably not.

Pet Care: Green Initiative on CBS 5 News – Pet Camp

April 13, 2012

Businesses are finding that going green can help them stay in the black. Linda Yi tell us it’s already paying off for some San Francisco business owners. The polar ice cap is turning to Arctic slush. Hurricanes are destroying communities, and unbearable summer heat are all evidence global warming is slowly hurting Earth.

Now some San Francisco businesses are working hard to go green. Take Pet Camp, a boarding facility for dogs and cats. One of 50 businesses recognized by the city of San Francisco as environmentally responsible, where recycling is their middle name, conservation their game. It really all started frankly during the energy crisis when we were having rolling blackouts.

So Mark Claiman installed 20-foot low-speed ceiling fans to circulate fresh air. And they move 68,000 cubic feet per minute of air using 58 watts of power. So less than a light bulb’s worth of power. We now have two of those when we used to have 13 of those.

He bought the newest generation fluorescent bulbs which use less power and installed a solar panel system for electricity, a $280,000 investment. PG&E paid half. I can tell you in terms of our electric bill alone, it went from about $25,000 a year to about $9,000 a year.

So everything from how they dispose of their poop to all their disinfectants are considered friendly to the environment. In fact, doggie poop is scooped and dumped into biodegradable bags and sent to East Bay MUD’s biomass facility which turns it into electricity. Pet Camp is the poster business for the city’s Department for the Environment which inspects, verifies and awards the green certificate.

Pet Care: KRON Channel 4 Interview with Mark Klaiman – Pet Camp

April 12, 2012

Pet Camp is a day and overnight care facility for dogs and cats. It can take care of about 110 dogs and 28 cats. We have all sorts of fun and games and food and varieties of things to make this place your pets’ home away from home.

Yeah, they can hear you here, too. I bet it’s because all this food that you have. Now there’s a variety of foods you have here, too, right, for the pets? We stock 12 different types of dog food, we stock six different types of cat food, and more importantly, we’re happy to prepare pretty much anything an owner wants.

We’ve had people bring in canned pumpkin, frozen vegetables. All sorts of odds and ends. And we’re happy to take of it all for them. Okay, I like that. All kinds of different foods and meals. Now, these places that you actually keep the dogs are a little bit different.

They’re heated? Right, these are different kinds of places. They’re called runs. And what makes them different than most is that they’re all made out of plastic, not slag. They’re all heated with radiant heat which makes them really nice and warm and soft, and all night long we play classical music for the dogs.

So technically, it’s pretty peaceful environment for them all. We’ve had plenty of dogs in here that don’t speak English at home, so we’ve had to learn foreign commands. We have to learn commands in Hebrew, in Arabic, Spanish, and some of the Asian languages as well. It makes it a lot more fun for the dogs if we can speak their language from home.

Right now we’re watching the puppy play group. We run seven different play groups here everyday here. We run an active group, a gentle group, a little dog group, a senior citizen play group, and a small dog play group as well as our puppy play group.