Camper Cadet Program

September 13, 2017

Our Camper Cadet Program is our basic obedience training program using only positive reinforcement that teaches your dog to good urban manners, so that you and your pooch can have the freedom to go to more places together with less stress. It covers 5 behaviors over 5 days: sit, down, name recognition, leave it, and loose leash walking. As an added benefit, well behaved dogs are extra cute!

Happy International Cat Day!

August 16, 2017

Join all of us at Pet Camp in celebrating International Cat Day!  See why taking care of cats is so much more than just providing a clean litter box and some food, meet Ishai the new Cat Safari manager and “Willis”, and hear when Amber first knew that she had super powers that let her communicate with cats.

Pet Appreciation Week – Judi & Guido

June 9, 2017

In honor of Pet Appreciation week, we are giving a special shout out to the love between Judi and one of our most loyal cat campers Guido!

Dog Bite Prevention

March 26, 2017

A big part of preventing a dog bite is being able to assess the situations when it is appropriate or not appropriate to approach a dog. Hope you enjoy!