24 Nov

Puppy Socialization at Pet Camp

Got a new puppy or know someone who couldn’t resist and has a new puppy? Our weekly Puppy Socialization sessions will ensure that your puppy or your friend’s puppy become healthy and happy dogs. Pawfect solution so that your dog and theirs can play together in the future! What’s Pet Camp’s Puppy Socialization? A Puppy […]

19 Nov

5 Reasons to Bring Your Dog to Doggie Daycare

We know this year has been like none other and you have a lot going on. Maybe you’re working from home, maybe you’re being both parent and teacher, all while trying to get in 8 hours of work a day, maybe you turned your kitchen into a classroom and your family room into a gym […]

24 Sep

Busy Parents, Doggie Daycare Can Help

Parents, can you relate? With home-sweet-home turning into a WFH office, a school, and a recreation area, it seems like the house got smaller. And when the kitchen feels like a three-ring circus and a “pandemic pup” could use a break too, Pet Camp would like to help our stir crazy dogs—and their humans/parents/teachers/workers—with doggie […]

17 Sep

Administrative Assistant

Pet Camp, San Francisco’s premier dog and cat lodging facility, is looking for a dynamic animal lover to become our part time Administrative Assistant! We need a flexible “Jack” or “Jill- of-all trades” who can help us keep the administrative end of the business organized, compliant, and running smoothly. As an admin at Pet Camp, […]

17 Aug

Pet Camp World Tour – AUGUST 2020

Join Pet Camp on an around the world tour for the month of August! Our world circuit taps into your camper’s inner explorer as they experience sights, flavors, sounds and history. Dobermans connect with ancestors in Germany, Australian cattle dogs learn their roots from down under, doodles and mutts contemplate their unique blended heritage. Pawsports […]

11 Jun

Day Camping Curbside Check In/Out is Here!

To provide social distancing while still expediting the check in/out process for day campers, Pet Camp is now offering curbside service for returning day campers with a reservation. Monday through Friday, pull up on the Sam Jordan/Galvez side of the building where you will see one of your favorite counselors. The counselor will get your […]

28 May

Re-Opening Cat Safari

After two and a half months of goldfish swimming around without an audience and Captain keeping an eye on the place all by himself (and counselors keeping an eye on just Captain) – Cat Safari is open once again! The Safari Solarium looks amazing, the Presidio Stroll Stroller is ready, and Pi-Cat-So art classes are […]

28 Apr

We All Need a Super Hero Now

At times like these we all need a Super Hero and Super Campy is here! Super Campy wants to be your right paw and take care of your dog or cat while you take care of everything else! Need a Lift? Super Campy is ready to pick-up your dog to enjoy playtime with pup pals […]

22 Apr

Pet Camp Becomes San Francisco’s Favorite Local Dog Park

“Let’s not go out and play,” said no dog ever. The closure of San Francisco dog parks means many of our dog’s favorite activities have become impossible and as much as an on-leash walk is fun, there is no way it makes up for a romp in the park. In an effort to help our […]