The Easter Bunny Comes to Pet Camp – Yeah, not happening

Can you imagine the chaos as the Easter Bunny and the dogs run around the Savannah? Not a pretty picture. So, what are we going to do instead? An Easter Egg hunt? Nope we hear that’s being done elsewhere (if you pay to play). We’re doing “Bobbin’ for Easter Eggs!” Stop in to our Main Campground lobby between March 18th and…

March 1, 2016


Spot’s Favorite Spot – Photo Contest

The Bay Area is a great place to wander about.  You might like a long walk along the beach, maybe a stroll in North Beach, or simply hanging out in a classic dive bar (no this is not a post on O.K. Cupid) but what about your pet?  Where is Spot’s Favorite Spot in the Bay…