thank you campers

One Year Later

It’s been almost a year since San Francisco issued its first Shelter in Place Order. There are so many things that could be said about the past 12 months, but we want to say “thanks.” Thanks for continuing to support Pet Camp and San Francisco’s other small businesses; for you new pet parents, thanks for…

March 9, 2021


Enter to Win a Free Week of Daycare at Pet Camp!

We want to share the love with everyone who continues to support Pet Camp and San Francisco’s other small businesses by offering you a chance to win a FREE WEEK of doggie daycare. How do I win you ask? Every day your camper comes to doggie day care until February 28, 2021, your camper will…

February 15, 2021

punch card

Share the love with a fellow pet parent!

Got a dog lover in your life? Invite your pet parent friend and his/her new camper to try Pet Camp. They can save up to $600 on dog daycare if they purchase a 20-day punch card on their first day of daycare!

February 13, 2021