Tufts Says Leave Your Dog at Home – We Say Have Fun!

Your Dog, the monthly newsletter from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, recently had an article suggesting that we (meaning pet parents) are taking our dogs to too many places and that our dogs would be better off if we just left them at home.  The crux of the article was that dogs don’t really enjoy being part of these events, that these events stress them out, and that if they don’t understand the “context” of the event (they use a wedding ceremony as an example of an event a dog won’t understand), they should be excluded.  I say, “Forget you Tufts!”
First, how the heck am I to know if my dog understands the “context” of an event?  I’ve been married almost 25 years and I still don’t understand the context of that event.  As far as I can tell my dogs have always understood the context of being with me and being around the people who loved them.  I do agree that there are some places that are best not to bring your dog- like a National Park where dogs are not even allowed or environments where it simply isn’t safe to have your dog- but besides that, I think that each individual pet parent knows his or her dog best (or at least I hope they do) and that no “one-size fits all” ban need apply.

As for me, we’ve taken dogs to our wedding, to our kids’ prom, to fancy fundraiser events, soccer games, baseball games, hockey games and who knows what else.  I understand that it is my responsibility not to put my dog or dogs in a position where they will “fail,” but beyond that I say let’s have fun!
So, what do you think, and more importantly, where have you taken your dog that Tufts might not approve?

Thanks for reading.

Source: YourDog, November 2017