Transporting multiple dogs in a van? Use crates!

We’ve all seen it.  You’re driving around San Francisco and after passing some Waymo car without a driver (which still freaks me out), you pass a van or a pickup truck with a shell and there are a alt=”Waymo self driving car in San Francisco” width=”376″ height=”164″ />bunch of dogs wandering, or on San Francisco’s streets more like bouncing around, in the back.  We’re not talking about a dog or two (frankly, that could be my car), but enough dogs that you know this is a dog walker or Waymo self driving car in San Francisco professional pet transporter.  This blog is not to call out these folks, but rather to tell you why we don’t do that with the Pet Camp Express.

Every dog getting picked up or dropped off by the Pet Camp Express travels in their own crate securely attached to the vehicle.  This is the same whether it’s several dogs being picked up or dropped off on one of our routes, or a solo trip either within the City limits of San crates in the Pet Camp Pet Camp Express van Francisco or beyond.  There are a host of reasons why we think this practice is the best.  Here are just a few:

  1. Safety: A crate provides a secure space for your dog. This prevents them from bopping about inside the car, potentially causing distractions, or worse, an accident. In addition to preventing a problem, if something does go wrong like a sudden stop or an accident, the crate acts as a protective barrier which reduces the risk of injury to both the dog the passengers in the car, and even yourself.
  2. Prevents escape: Sure, this is a safety issue, but it’s a different type of safety concern. Dog walkers, just like the Pet Camp Express, may make stops to pick up or drop off other dogs after your dog is already on board.  Many dogs get amped up when riding in a car, especially during these stops.  A crate ensures that your dog remains contained and prevents them from bolting out when a door is opened.
  3. Minimizes anxiety and stress: Some dogs may experience anxiety or stress while traveling in a car due to unfamiliar surroundings or motion sickness. A crate can create a den-like environment, offering a sense of security and comfort, and reducing anxiety levels during the journey. A helpful hint and shameless plug – if your dog suffers from motion sickness, our new Ranger Station will have a desensitization area that includes a street-legal electric golf cart with a crate so that we can teach your dog to ride in a car. Come on, your dog vomiting in our crate is way better than  vomiting on your back seat!
  4. Reduces distractions: Unrestrained dogs can be a major distraction for the driver. They might be doing something as endearing as trying to climb onto the driver’s lap, or less endearing like squabbling with another dog. Driving in San Francisco is tricky enough; drivers should not be dealing with dogs.
  5. Safer travel with multiple dogs: Do we even need to spell it out? Keeping dogs separate and secure in crates prevents potential conflicts.  Conflicts can escalate, dogs can get hurt, drivers can get distracted and more harm can be done.

Hey, we’re not going to tell any one else how to run their business, but we do want you to be comfortable knowing that when your dog is on the Pet Camp Express, they will be traveling safely and securely in a crate, allowing your dog to be safe and our drivers to drive.

Thanks for reading.

Pet Camp has been providing San Francisco pet parents with award winning pet care since 1997.  If you are a pet parent in need of dog day care, overnight care for your dog or cat, dog training or pet transportation feel free to reach out to any of the counselors, we would be honored to assist you.