The Search For the Best: Help Pet Camp find the most pet friendly places in San Francisco!

You hear it all the time about cities are around the world: A city is a collection of neighborhoods.

Of course this is true about San Francisco.  From the northernmost corner of the Marina District to the southernmost area of Visitacon Valley, San Francisco’s neighborhoods meld from one to the next as the edges blend together.  

Your Dog, Your Neighborhood

What was once the Mission District is now Noe Valley (and the houses haven’t moved). Also, where is the border between Chinatown and North Beach?
Over the course of the next few months, we’re going to be talking about some of our favorite dog walks in San Francisco’s neighborhoods, some of our favorite pet friendly bars, restaurants and stores.  

Now we know our list will be far from complete and there will be sections of neighborhoods and amazing places that we’ll miss.  That’s where you come in!
Help us create THE list of dog walks, strolls, bars, restaurants and stores that make San Francisco more popular with pet parents then with human parents (it is often stated there are more dogs than children in San Francisco.)

We Need Your Ideas!

If we talk about your neighborhood and we do it wrong help us fix it.
If you have a favorite pet friendly place we miss tell us about it!  

We’ll not only give you the accolades you deserve (and of course post your suggestions), include a picture of your dog at your favorite location and we’ll give you a $25 Pet Camp gift card too!
So all you need to do is shoot us an email at with your idea for a chance to help other pet owners and yourself (gift cards don’t grow on trees!)
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