Tax Day is Ruff

We know that paying taxes is probably not one of your favorite things and thinking about how the government is spending your hard earn $$ makes it even worse. Frankly, we hear you loud & clear! But fear not, the Counselors at Pet Camp have got your back when it comes to the IRS, the State of California, and even our beloved City By The Bay . . . join us for Doggie Day Care on Tuesday, April 17th for Tax Day is Ruff!

Just because you’ve finished looking for deductions doesn’t mean the “fun” is over for your camper! Your camper will enjoy Pet Camp’s “deduction dive” by frolicking through the shredded financial information you spent weeks gathering for your CPA and every day camper will go home with a special “Tax Refund” treat. Be sure to check Camper Camoes to see all the tax fun (who ever thought you would put tax & fun together?). As an added benefit, we’ll have Pet Camp’s very own CPA, Stephen Mayer on call to answer all your campers’ tax questions like: (1) is my human a dependent? (2) can I write off veterinary expenses as a medical deduction? and (3) how does a Roth IRA work when every dog year equals 7 human years? Sorry, Stephen is a busy guy so only one question per camper.