Some Things are Better Without Glitter!

I know, most people love glitter, but not me. When my kids were little and the construction paper, glue and glitter came out I was gone. I would do almost any chore to avoid crafts at the kitchen table and especially glitter.

Now I’m no prude and I appreciate that, notwithstanding my craft aversion, there are times when glitter adds a certain something and that there are some who have been known to enhance their appearance with some well-placed glitter. This is all well and good – but it’s gone too far!
Apparently, there is a “trend” to glitterize (I’m sure that’s a word – like when you bedazzle something) dog scrotum! Don’t take my word for it; as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (and a blog is only a few hundred) and if it’s on the internet it must be true!

How can pet parents really (or reasonably) think this is a good idea? Moreover, for whom are they glitterizing (the gerund form of “glitterize”) these dogs? Do they think other dogs will see them walking down the street and bark “Wow, check out the glitter on that dude!”? Are they trying to impress humans? Or, must we even ask, is this simply another example of dogs looking like their humans?
Thanks for reading.

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