Skunks & Your Dog: When It Happens Be Ready!

It’s springtime in San Francisco.  Time for walking your dog in the early morning sun and the dim evening light.

It’s a great time of year – mostly post rain and still pre-fog.  Sadly, you and your dog might not be the only ones out for a stroll.  While skunks are nocturnal (they tend to be out mostly at night) they are also more active in spring (during mating season) so the odds of crossing paths with a skunk on your early morning or late evening walk are particularly high right now.

While paying attention and avoiding close encounters is the best course of action, sometimes your dog gets too close or the skunk is too quick with the inevitable result of a very nasty smell and a very upset pet parent.

Sure, you could bring your dog to Pet Camp to be de-skunked, but that means your dog is riding in your car (sorry, no Pet Camp Express solution here).  But before needing to de-skunk both your dog and your car, you can use our handy-dandy de-skunking guide.

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