San Francisco: Perfect Weather for Your Dog!

There have been many human hotels advertising as of late that they are also good dog hotels.  Some chains have even gone as far as partnering with web-based apps to provide additional services for your dog.  Now, never mind that a human hotel is designed for… you guessed it – humans, not dogs; and never mind that logging into an app in some place you’re just visiting is probably not the best way to ensure quality care for your dog.  The basic question still remains: does your dog really want to leave San Francisco?

We know that there are some people who dislike San Francisco (and maybe even California) for what we are perceived as “representing.”  However, no one, besides my brother, dislikes San Francisco weather, including your dog!

San Francisco has a classic Mediterranean climate which means that the summers are usually not too hot and the winters are relatively mild. Dogs tend to be more comfortable in moderate temperatures like this, avoiding extreme heat or cold.

Humidity?  What’s that?  San Francisco’s location along the California coast helps to keep humidity levels relatively low (except for that fog thing).  This is amazing for both humans and dogs since excessive humidity can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for dogs.

While our politics might be extreme (to some), our weather is not!  San Francisco rarely experiences severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or extreme thunderstorms.  These are all stressful and hazardous for pets.

Fresh air!  The cool coastal breeze from the Pacific Ocean helps to regulate temperatures and keeps the air fresh, making outdoor activities more enjoyable for both dogs and their owners.

So, there you go, just a few reasons why even if you want to leave San Francisco for a getaway, there’s no reason to think that your dog wants to go with you!  And who cares about my brother who doesn’t like San Francisco’s weather?  Don’t worry about him, his wife won’t let him get a dog anyway.

Want additional information about how the weather impacts you (and we guess your dog too) check out the Daily from last week.

Thanks for reading.

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