Update: Pet Camp Welcomes Our First Ambass-a-Dog!

The San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SF/ACC) is sure tossing homeless dogs around the city a bone with the introduction of their new WOOF, Ambass-a-Dogs, & Special Forces pilot program! Pet Camp is delighted to welcome our first Ambass-a-Dog – Sheba!

Sheba was chosen to kick off the pilot program because she is extremely friendly with fellow canine and human companions. Sheba is also the mother of a rambunctious litter of pups – all of which have been adopted from the SF/ACC. Our Pet Camp Counselors, along with an SF/ACC trainer, give Sheba individual attention as well as a dog on dog social time. The counsellors and other campers could not be more pleased to have Sheba wagging around the main campground.

The number of homeless doggies coming to the shelter has increased significantly because of this economic slump, which is why, now more than ever, the SF/ACC is striving to make their pups the best candidates for adoption. Pet Camp hopes to help the SF/ACC ease these SF homeless dogs into social situations and get them ready for their forever homes.  Have a look at the SF/ACC website for more info.