Running Laps Past Obesity at San Francisco’s Pet Camp

Garfield and his enormous orange belly have been making us chuckle for years, but what was once just comic page fodder has become an epidemic in San Francisco and across the country. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than half of the pets in this country are overweight — a growing trend that is certainly no laughing matter. At Pet Camp, we’re here to help.

At Pet Camp, we understand the issues behind pet obesity, and we’re working to blend responsibility and fun into a workout routine that guarantees slimmer figures and, more importantly, healthier pets that will live longer. Like people, pets that do not get a sufficient amount of outdoor activity — such as running around, swimming, playing games, and simply being wild, crazy powerhouses — grow more susceptible to such serious physical ailments as arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even depression. At Pet Camp, we know how to get your dog or cat involved, and we can help them chase those health problems away.

Between The Savannah and our specialized play yards, Pet Camp has nearly 20,000 square feet of dog-frolicking paradise. We make sure your dog, whether they’re social or independent, will get an opportunity to run and play by themselves or with others for the number of sessions you choose, ensuring their exercise and fun quotas are filled. Did we mention that Pet Camp has a pool designed specifically for dogs?  It’s equipped with an access ramp, speed jets, and swim trainers that encourage and help your dog to lose weight — all in a safe and calming environment.

This wouldn’t be a Pet Camp if we didn’t include our kitty companions, and in the Safari Gardens they’ll get that and much more! Where else but in the Safari Gardens can you get a fully ventilated and totally supervised garden greenhouse filled with greenery, actual trees for climbing, and bamboo bridges for honing balance, coordination, and reflexes? Cats get a half hour in this lush indoor garden, along with all of the other Pet Camp activities needed for a healthy coat and a strong heart. This isn’t your average everyday cat boarding school!

The best thing you can do for yourself and your pet is to make sure you both achieve rigorous physical exercise daily, but we understand that you’re busy, busy, busy.  Heck, most of us have trouble exercising ourselves, let alone our pets, and most of us are not equipped to go on a daily run with our pups. So check out what’s going on at and come see us at 525 Phelps St. in San Francisco. Learn more about how you can sign up your pet for some fun in the sun today. We have so much fun here, we’ll even make your cat look forward to Mondays again!

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