It’s prom time once again. That time of year when 16, 17 & 18 year olds get dressed up, put a corsage on a wrist and try not to stab someone when pinning on a boutonniere.  But before that eventful evening, someone has to offer a promposal.   Promposals come in all shapes and sizes just like the young adults to whom the proposal is offered.  Before you jet out of here thinking this is way too sappy and has nothing to do with pets, hold on to your prom ticket and read on…

Thinking about who to ask to prom is a big deal (or at least so I’m told in my house).  Sure it’s easy if you are in a “serious” relationship (what ever that means for the text-me generation), but if not, do you ask some who is cute or hot or do you ask someone you enjoy spending time with? Do you skip the whole thing and just go with a group of friends?  This is kind of the thought process when getting a pet.

  1. The Hot Pet

There are some potential pet parents who want to be seen with that really hot pet.  Something cute to have about or a breed that they think looks really cool or might even be a bit trendy.  There is nothing wrong with wanting some eye candy, but a pet is not just for a date.  A pet is a commitment for life and you need to consider the long term and not just the prom pictures.

  1. The Relationship Pet

This is the pet that even if they just have a “great personality” you know that this pet’s wants and needs align with yours.  From level of activity to what they like to do for fun, their personality overlaps with yours in significant ways.  Sure, you may not get others taking a quick peak at your pet when they think you’re not looking, but you know you’ll be happy for the long term.

  1. The Group of Friends Pet

Not ready for that one-on-one relationship (even if just for a night) or just overwhelmed by your options?  The group of friends pet is just for you and all you need to do to meet your new group of friends is to volunteer at your local shelter (which here in San Francisco is our very own San Francisco Animal Care & Control).

So where are you on the promprosal spectrum?  Do you even remember who you went to prom with?  In case you’re wondering, I went with Claire Burrafato who ended up marrying my good friend Mike Rehberger.

Thanks for reading.