Pet Care Counselors Needed

Do you love dogs and cats more than the average person (like, strangely more than the average person)? Do you greet dogs on the street and then realize several minutes later that there’s a human attached to the other end of the leash? Be honest: are YOU a crazy cat lady? If so, then Pet Camp wants YOU to join the coolest, hardest-working bunch of dog and cat geeks in the Bay Area! Seriously, no judgement here; we’re all kookoo-bananas when it comes to pets! As a member of an award-winning pet lodging team, you will be taking up to 160 dogs and 80 cats out to play every day, as well as caring for and attending to their every need and wish; after all, Pet Camp is where pets do what pets love!. Dogs and cats are messy- you’ll be cleaning a lot and doing dishes and laundry. We have every modern convenience to make cleaning easier, but be prepared for lots of hard work!

*You must have personal or professional experience with dogs and cats. It takes a very special person to truly understand the great honor and responsibility involved in caring for furry family members, and Pet Camp is committed to only employing the best of the best! And yes, you’ve got to love and be comfortable handling cats as well. If you have cat allergies or are “not a cat person,” please, don’t bother to apply…

*While you don’t need a car, you must have a valid driver’s license. Pet Camp offers a convenient and flexible pick-up and delivery service to clients all around the Bay Area, and our counselors need to be road-ready!
*You must be able to work both weekend days and holidays, since Pet Camp is happy to provide exceptional care to our dog and cat clients 365 days a year. If you cannot or are unwilling to meet these requirements, please do not apply (seriously, if you can’t meet this requirement, then pet care is not your scene; consider an office job instead).

*Most shifts are 8 hours long, some starting as early as 6:30 am, and some ending as late as 9:00 pm. Ideal counselor candidates are flexible with their availability and are willing to work both early morning and evening shifts.

Caring for pets is rewarding and interesting, but let’s face it, also very physical and messy.
Your duties would include:

• supervising group and all-day play sessions to ensure a safe and fun social experience,
• cleaning campsites with exacting detail so that our campers stay healthy and comfortable,
• feeding and medicating the campers to their guardian’s exact specifications,
• playing one-on-one with cats and dogs to create even more awesome camp memories,
• swimming dogs in our indoor heated pool, and
• bathing cats and dogs to send them home fresh and clean after their exciting camp adventures

Our benefits are second-to-none in the pet care industry! No kidding: you’d be hard-pressed to find ANY small family-owned business anywhere, much less in the pet care industry, that takes great care of its folks like we do. Check these out:

• you may bring your dog to work every day,
• a comprehensive health insurance plan that includes medical, dental and vision insurance
• a 401-K “safe harbor” retirement plan
• employee discounts on products, free lodging for your own pet, and
• a Pet Camp scholarship program for continuing education in the pet care industry! Want to take a pet grooming course? Interested in dog behavior seminars? Want to learn large appliance repair to keep our equipment in shape? The scholarship has you covered!

To apply for a job at Pet Camp, please fill
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