Pet Camp is Hiring a Front Desk Manager!

Pet Camp, a family-owned pet care facility in San Francisco, is seeking a full-time, experienced front desk manager. You will be responsible for ensuring that our clients continue to have a superior customer service experience!  You will lead an experienced staff and join a team of seasoned managers, all of whom you will work closely with to achieve our high company standards and meet performance goals on a daily basis. This position oversees all aspects of Pet Camp’s interaction with our human clients including checking clients in and out, responding to questions in-person and via the phone and email, and coordinating client requests with the pet care staff. You are also responsible for very detailed quality control checks every day to ensure flawless dog and cat care. The position requires working holidays, at least one weekend day, and availability to work as early as 6:30 am and as late as 7:15 pm.
Pet Camp is San Francisco’s premier dog and cat lodging facility! We’re a family owned business and have been around for almost 20 years, so you can be confident that you’re joining an elite organization of expert pet care professionals. Our rock-solid reputation with pet parents, veterinarians and San Francisco Animal Care and Control solidifies our place as leading the pack of pet lodging facilities throughout the Bay Area! We’re looking for someone who’s ready to embody that success and leadership, and take pride in your role in creating the best pet lodging experience possible for our clients, visit after visit.
The successful applicant will have:

  • experience managing employees in a high-volume, fast-paced customer service environment
  • good computer skills and the ability to adapt to changing technology
  • Impeccable customer relations skills.
  • your own dog or cat
  • extensive knowledge about dogs and cats
  • Exceptional time management capabilities, and the ability to seamlessly juggle many different tasks at once.
  • The desire and knack for inspiring your employees to achieve daily success and contribute to the core mission statement of Pet Camp
  • A very high level of attention to detail; remember, you and your co-managers are responsible for the quality of care provided to all of our dog and cat guests.
  • Previous experience in the pet care industry is not required, but is very desirable.

Pet Camp has excellent benefits including:

  • health insurance
  • dental and vision care
  • 2 weeks of paid vacation
  • a retirement plan
  • a scholarship program for continuing education in the pet care field
  • product discounts and
  • you may bring one dog to work.

Salary is negotiable depending on experience.

To apply for a job at Pet Camp, please fill out our
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