National Dog Week

September 24th to 30th is National Dog Week.  Of course at Pet Camp we celebrate Dog Week every day, but it’s always nice when the calendar people make it a special week.  To be honest, we are a bit disappointed in the placement of National Dog Week as we were hoping it would overlap with Howl at the Moon Day (which in case you were wondering is October 26th).  While there are a host of ways to celebrate National Dog Week (like offering free day care for the week?) we wanted to use this opportunity to provide some useful tips to make every week with your dog more enjoyable, more fun, and safer.

Every day during National Dog Week we’ll be posting a short video on how to care for your dog with tips and information from dental hygiene to fitness.   Since we know you don’t want to get a blog post from us every day, just subscribe to Pet Camp’s Youtube channel to get the video tip of the day sent right to you.
Of course while all of these tips will make National Dog Week educational, we know that your dog would really love to spend National Dog Week playing with his or her friends at Pet Camp.  We’ll be here all week celebrating, so stop on over and say hi.

Thanks for reading and watching.