Looking at Colleges and Your Pet

I’m spending this week with 2 of my 3 children who are high school juniors looking at colleges on the East Coast.  Now what does this have to do with your pet you’re wondering?  Well, shockingly a lot.
As I walk around these campuses, watch the hustle and bustle of the late teen and the early 20 something crowd and listen to the pitches about what this school or that school has to offer, I constantly have to remind myself that we are looking at schools for them and not for me.  Frankly, there are all sorts of things about these schools that are meaningless to me but seem to be important to my kids, and conversely there are things I think are missing at the schools that my kids don’t think are important at all.

Here’s the tie-in to your pet: when you are looking at dog and cat care facilities, you need to remember for whom you are really looking.  Of course, the staff need to be warm and friendly and the building needs to be clean (those are things that apply to both you and your pet), but beyond that you need to start looking at places based on what your pet needs!  Does your pet need a big  glitzy lobby or is your pet more interested in lots of outdoor play space or big windows to let in lots of sunlight?  Does your pet care about folks in nice uniforms or more that the people taking care of him or her are wearing clothes that can get dirty?

Sure, I’m biased, but this college touring thing really reminded me that we designed Pet Camp’s Main Campground and Cat Safari for the dogs and cats that stay with us rather than the humans with the credit cards.  Maybe we should have thought about you a bit more (just like those colleges should have thought about the parents paying the bills), but in the end don’t we want what is best for our kids, be they the 2 legged or the 4 legged kind?

Thanks for reading.