Doggie Day Care | Lonely Dog No More

All too often we hear, “I wish my dog could go to doggie day care, but she doesn’t get along well with other dogs.” Well perhaps not getting along with dogs means no doggie day care at other pet care facilities, but it sure doesn’t mean that at Pet Camp.

One of the things that distinguishes Pet Camp from other pet care providers is the flexibility we have for both overnight campers and doggie day care. Many doggie day care locations offer only 1 play group (or at most two) and your dog hangs with their “friends” all day long. Provided your dog gets along with almost every type of dog and play style and is able to deal with stimulation for 8 to 12 hours a day, then your dog is able to attend doggie day care. In the old days this was referred to as the “mosh pit” approach to doggie day care. As the doggie day care industry has matured this approach has largely been rejected; we suggest you check out resources like The Dog Gurus if you want to read more about the changes in doggie day care over the years.

At Pet Camp we offer doggie day care in a wide range of play options. Of course if your dog is the social butterfly of the K9 community, our “all day play” in our 13,000 square foot Savannah dog park is just for your dog. Now before you go ballistic about “all day” Mix and Match in the Savannah let us clarify: every dog (like every kid and every adult) needs some “down time” and we make sure that we build down time into our all day play. But what if playing with all sorts of dogs and play styles isn’t for your dog? Is doggie day care still an option? Well just read on…

We think doggie day care, just like all pet care, should be responsive to the needs of your dog. If your dog needs a more structured doggie day care we think your pet care provider should make it available. At Pet Camp we offer what some are calling doggie daycare 2.0, or what we simply call day camping. In addition to all day play in our 13,000 square foot Savannah dog park, your dog can enjoy structured play groups based on your dog’s size and play Melina in Play Group type. On the average day we offer an active adult play group, a gentle adult play group, a seniors group, a puppy group and a small dog group. What’s more, even if this level of structured play isn’t a good fit, we can try and set up a special play group or oven allow your dog to enjoy day care (with all of the fresh air and romping) without even needing to interact with other dogs.

Doggie day care should be about doing what’s best for your dog, and we think that responding to your dog’s play and socialization needs is a critical first step in this process. If there are more things that would make doggie day care even better for your special needs dog, please let us know.

Thanks for reading.