Happy International Cat Day!

I’m often asked if I’m a dog or a cat person. I don’t understand why it’s presented as an “either/or” question.  Why does me being infatuated with Splash (and you know that I am) mean that I can’t think that Stan Lee is the cat’s meow (and you know that I do)?  Well, as much as on most days I am decidedly neither a cat nor a dog person, on International Cat Day it’s hard not to be a cat person (kind of like how everyone wears green on Saint Patrick’s Day even if their name is Kokorsky).

So join all of us at Pet Camp in celebrating International Cat Day.  See why taking care of cats is so much more than just providing a clean litter box and some food, meet Ishai the new Cat Safari manager and “Willis”, and hear when Amber first knew that she had super powers that let her communicate with cats.

We hope you enjoy celebrating International Cat Day as much was we do.