How Long is Too Long to Leave Your Dog Home Alone?

Full disclaimer: we have a vested interest in you not leaving your dog home alone ever, but we understand that there are times or circumstances when doggie day care or overnight care for your dog is just not a viable option. In those rare (and they better be rare) times, how long is too long to leave your dog home alone?

An internet search might suggest that 4 hours is the safe limit. But as with all dog “rules,” you know your dog best and there might be reasons the rule doesn’t apply. Here are some things to consider when evaluating your dog and the 4-hour rule:

  • The age of your dog: for dogs at both ends of the age spectrum, 4-hours may be too long. Both puppies and seniors may need a bathroom break more frequently than 4-hours, puppies need and want stimulation and interaction, and seniors often thrive with more contact.
  • Health issues may also warrant reducing the amount of time you leave your dog alone. If your dog is on a fixed medical regime, needs to be incented to stretch their limbs to avoid stiffness, or has another medical concern, 4-hours alone may be too long.
  • Your dog’s personality and behavior may also mean that 4-hours alone is too long. If your dog is anxious when left alone, is high energy, or simply excels with more contact, being left alone for 4 hours might be too long.

If you have questions or concerns about leaving your dog alone as you venture back out for work and play, give us a call to learn more about doggie day care and overnight care options for your dog. You can get more information about this topic here.

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