Government ClosedPet Camp Open

The last time the federal government shut down Virginia and Mark were both working at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Then the issue was “The Contract With America” (better known in San Francisco as “The Contract On America”) – we’re a bit hazy on what the real issue is this time. But never mind the specifics and the gyrations all this debate (or lack thereof) is causing on the stock market; the point is that tomorrow a bunch of folks might have a day off!

Sure it might be without pay, but it’s still a day off, and days off were meant to be FUN! So here’s Pet Camp’s offer to all you federal employees who plan on sleeping late tomorrow. Bring in your current federal id and a cup of black coffee for those of us still working and you’ll get 50% off the cost of day care!

Now, Mark is all about the fun, but Virginia used her time off during the last federal government shut down to dream up Pet Camp. True story – you have Newt Gingrich to thank for the funnest pet care around. So, bring your pooch over and see what you can dream up with a few days off.

We have no idea if this offer will continue for as long as the government stays closed, but at least for October 1st – 4th we’re on!

Thanks for reading!