Fear Free Certification – How We Ensure Dogs are Stress Free at Pet Camp

Pet Camp Supervisor Caring for dogs now is a certified Fear Free Professional.We are proud to announce that ALL the managers and supervisors caring for your campers at our Main Campground are CERTIFIED Fear Free Professionals!

Our managers and supervisors have successfully completed the Fear Free Boarding & Daycare Certification Program and passed all the required exams! Pet Camp is the only pet care facility in the San Francisco Bay Area whose commitment to your pet includes ensuring that every experience is fear free.  


You may ask – What does this mean for your pet? 

First, it means that each manager and supervisor completed and passed the test for the 5 different modules in the class:

  • Body Language and the Fundamentals of Fear Free
  • Fear Free Boarding and Daycare Facility Setup
  • Group Plan and Dog-to-Dog Interactions
  • Training and Behavior Basics
  • Physical Care, Illness, and Administering Medications


“Wait a minute, didn’t your supervisors and managers know all of that before becoming Certified Fear Free?”

The answer is yes, but the focus of this program is implementing all of this while ensuring that no pet is under stress or fearful.  While we always did everything we could to reduce stress at Pet Camp, having this additional training allows us to ensure that our managers and supervisors are in the best position to both implement fear free practices, to demonstrate those practices to others, and to train new counselors in fear free boarding and daycare practices.


Our commitment to you and your dog: Fear Free at Pet Camp

We also think that having all of our hands-on managers and supervisors go through this training and receive this certification demonstrates our commitment to both pet parents and the counselors of the value we place on professional education and best practices.  

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