Cute vs. Crates – Safety Should Win

Most of us have seen the adorable video of dogs hopping onto a school bus, finding a seat, and riding along.  But what we don’t see is what can happen when the bus stops, the door opens, and a dog, or several, make a break for it!  Yes, this video is cute, but securing a dog in a crate for transport is safe – and safety should always come first. At Pet Camp, EVERY dog riding the Pet Camp Express or the Main Campgrounds/Ranger Station Shuttle does so in a crate that is securely fastened to the van. Here are just a few reasons why:

1.The Streets of San Francisco – great TV show, not great streets. Our streets are in need of repair (come on DPW – help us out here) and are not always the easiest to navigate. With cars, buses, bicycles, streetcars, and now driver less cars (which still freak me out), our drivers need to focus solely on the road and driving! It’s impossible to fully focus on driving if you also need to pay attention to dogs bouncing around the back of a van or pickup truck.

2.Less Stress on the Dogs.  Driving in San Francisco can be stressful, and this includes for dogs. There is an amazing, some might say overwhelming, amount of noise, constant stops and starts, and hilly terrain.  Providing a safe and secure environment for a dog during transit helps reduce their stress levels.

3.Safety Matters. It’s common for a dog walker’s van or pickup truck or the Pet Camp Express to carry more than one dog in it. This also means that, at some point, the van is going to stop to let one dog off AND the other dog(s) need to stay in the van! Being able to safely open the van door without fear that another dog is going to jump out is essential for everyone’s safety

4.It’s the law?  San Francisco has a Commercial Dog Walker permit that includes a vehicle inspection and the requirement that dogs travel in crates. To be fair, the regulations seem to say that there needs to be at least one crate, and the dog walker needs to explain why traveling in a crate is safer.  While there are exemptions for transporting to or from a pet care facility, If the law says that there is a preferred and safer way to transport dogs, we think you should transport dogs that way.

We understand that some pet parents may have reservations about their dog being in a crate.  However, when it comes to safely transporting your dog, crates are the best option. Additionally, ensuring your dog is comfortable traveling in a crate is especially important in earthquake country, where spending time in a crate while evacuating might one day be of importance.

Thanks for reading.