Bruno Week 2

About ten days ago Bruno looked something like this undergoing a Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy at San Francisco Animal Care and Control (this is Bruno’s actual surgeon but this isn’t Bruno).

After just 10 days of rehabilitation Bruno is a relaxed, fun loving pup! How relaxed you ask? Well how would you feel about doing your range of motion exercises in front of everyone in the Pet Camp lobby? Well check out Bruno and Susan!

(don’t overly critique the really bad video work)

It’s hard to express in a blog post (even one as cool as this with some video) how really great Bruno is.  While he can’t yet play with the other dogs at Pet Camp (though we plan on doing so as soon as the veterinarians clear him), when he’s been out and about doing his exercise walks he seems very interested in getting to know all the other dogs.

When other dogs walk by his campsite he is calm and relaxed.  Bruno has met Mark’s dog Splash (you know that 130 pound living rug that hangs out in the Pet Camp lobby) and Pet Camp’s house cat Stan Lee and was completely non-reactive to both, leading us to think Bruno would do well in a house shared with other dogs as well as cats.  We’ve not yet had a chance to have him interact with any kids, but that’s next on our check list.

So if you have a place in your heart for a boy like Bruno, he’s waiting for you at Pet Camp.  Give us a call and we’ll answer any of your questions or better yet, stop on over and meet Bruno for yourself.  Come on, we’ll even spring for coffee while you and Bruno relax in the Savannah.

Thanks for reading!