Camper Cadet Program

Dog training at Pet Camp San Francisco is the perfect way for your dog to learn city manners while spending time at camp. At Pet Camp we know those good manners are an important part of being a happy and healthy dog. Now in addition to having fun at camp along with dog boarding, your camper can leave with new or relearned manners as part of our Camper Cadet Program. This unique private dog obedience training program is available for both overnight and day campers. Camper Cadet offers two different levels to match your pup’s needs:

  • Camper Cadet (Level 1), 6-day beginner training program: sit, down, look/watch me, touch, find it, loose leash walking (must be completed within 10 days of starting)
  • Camper Cadet (Level 2), 6-day intermediate training program: drop it/take it, leave it, stay, recall, intermediate leash walking skills, polite human greetings (must be completed within 10 days of starting)

Private Dog Training at Pet Camp

Your Camper Cadet will receive twice daily private dog training sessions with one of our experienced instructors. Pet Camp uses only reward–based dog training methods, which emphasize cooperation and understanding between the dog and the human trainer. We’ll use your dog’s natural motivation to promote learning and to reinforce these essential doggie behaviors. At the end of the Camper Cadet Program, you’ll receive best dog training tips and details on everything the instructors worked on with your camper and the best practices for continued success at home.  We’ll even show you a video of your dog working with a trainer in the event that your pooch denies knowing how to do everything we taught him or her.

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