Going Green: Mark Klaiman Talks Pet Care – Pet Camp

April 6, 2012

This is at Pet Camp! We’re an overnight and daycare facility for dogs and cats. Being green, to me, means showing to the world that you can be a good business person and be a good environmental steward.

And I’m convinced you can do both. Basically, all our panels come down through here. We’ve got 252 panels on our roof. This remains the largestly privately financed solar power facility in San Francisco. Those are our 20-foot diameter ceiling fans. They move 68,000 cubic feet per minute of air and use 58 watts of power, so less than a light bulb.

So these are our outdoor play areas. They’re all covered in field turf, which of course is filled in with what’s called Nike grind which is a combination of sand and recycled sneaker bottoms. Our dog poop actually gets turned into electricity. We take our dog poop and our more traditional green waste and it goes to a biomass facility.

And it gets turned into methane gas that then gets turned into electricity. We are the only place in San Francisco actually allowed to compost our dog poop. I think the fact that we’re green is rewarding to our clients. People get behind you. It’s interesting, it’s exciting, and it’s the thing to do.

And then at a personal level, I have four little kids. And being green to me means that I’m going to leave them an environment worthy of them, as opposed to one that I have destroyed.

Pet Care: Yasmine Bleeth On Regis & Kathie Lee – Pet Camp

April 5, 2012

Yasmine Bleeth talks about Pet Camp in San Francisco. She’s gone from the beaches of Baywatch to the streets of San Francisco. Yasmine Bleeth joins us, looking just as good as she did in that red bathing suit.

“You know when I got this dog, I said, I’m gonna treat this dog like a dog. I’m not gonna be one of those people that treats them like a little human being and cuddles them and feeds them filet mignon. Needless to say, yeah, I send him to dog therapy to see if he’s okay, how his his mental state is. I send him to pet camp and he gets little report cards!”

Going Green: Turn Dog Waste Into Electricity – Pet Camp

March 14, 2012

You know the phrase man’s best friend? Well it turns out, dogs could be called earth’s best friend too. Our four legged friends could help us make electricity. One Bay Area green business shows us how it’s already being done. Solar panel on the roof, large energy efficient fans, and composting.

Sounds like we’re talking about an office building but no, we’re talking about pet camp. The owners don’t come here because we’re green. The owners come here, because we give great care to their pets But they find that we’re being green and the added benefits. I’m very aware of the affect of certain things in the environment and so, it is important to me that this is a green business.

Probably most interesting thing is, they’re composting a dog waste. Pretty no, but good for the environment, yes. It’s picked up by a utility company that combined it with other green waste then turns into electricity, but you can’t do this at home. You can’t compost dog poop at home.

It has to go to special facility because it’s got such a high protein content. One day this could power the whole building meanwhile, solar panels are just the trick. Before we had our solar, our electricity bill was $25,000 a year, now it’s 9,000 a year. But it’s not just about saving money.

We also hope to be a model for other small businesses and even big businesses in San Francisco. Because if we can do it, anybody can do it.

Going Green: Solar Energy and Pet Care – Pet Camp

March 13, 2012

Going green often means harnessing the power of the Sun. Well, today the city of San Francisco unveiled an online map to tap the Sun’s energy. NBC 11’s Laurence Scott is here to enlighten us. Take it away, Laurence. So what’s the bright idea? It’s a first of its kind website, designed to estimate the solar potential for each and every rooftop in San Francisco.

If you’re considering the installation of solar panels on your roof to help save the environment or some money, check out how San Francisco is putting its residents and business owners on the map. This is a big deal. It’s a big step forward. In front of a large panel, Mayor Gavin Newsom was beaming about the city’s new web portal with Google Earth mapping technology, designed to help residents visualize the benefits of installing solar panels.

You can go and take a look right at the top of your building, right, your roof you’re living on, determine exactly the space that would be needed to put solar installation in, what it would cost, what kind of energy savings you would accrue. Every inch of the city’s 49 square miles has been mapped, from the Fog City Diner to Sunnyside Playground and everywhere in between, like Pet Camp, an animal boarding center in the Bayview district.

Solar panels are DC, direct current. Everything on the grid is AC. So this converts it from DC to AC. Yes, even in a city with a high prevalence of soupy, gray skies, the savings from solar are something to bark about. From a savings point of view, our power bill before we started doing a lot of our power saving stuff, was about $25,000 a year.

It is now down to under $9,000 a year. So we’re saving about $16,000 a year in our electric bill alone. We expect the system to pay for itself in between five and six years. And even though the mayor gets tripped up on the destination.details. San Fransisco is taking its green ambition to the streets. And if you’re like Mayor Newsom and can’t handle the dots, we’ve got a direct path for you at our website, nbc11.com in the featured links section.