July 4th Weekend

Yup, we know it’s only June but the 4th of July is just around the corner. While you’re out enjoying BBQs and Fireworks (things not great for campers), we’ve got your four legged friend covered. Both Cat Safari and the Main Campground are open on July 3rd for check-ins; both lobbies are closed on the…

June 6, 2016


National Hug Your Cat Day

Who knew? There really is such day, and it’s June 4th. Sure, we know that June 4th was last Saturday and that it’s too late to celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day. But just in case you missed our video on how to hug a cat, we wanted to share it with you since you…


Father’s Day 2016

Just because Mark is still waiting for that purrfect Father’s Day gift from those 4 kids of his doesn’t mean you need to wait too. Father’s Day is June 19th and every camper who spends the weekend with us will take home a framed picture to give to Dad (or mom, or even just a…


Cinco De Mayo

It’s piñata time at the Main Campground! Fret not, we have no intention of letting your dog play with some store bought piñata full of staples and who knows what else. Our piñata is made right here at Pet Camp (one of the crazy things we never thought we’d have to learn how to do when…

May 3, 2016