Summer Games

In just a few short days the world’s greatest non-Russian track and field athletes will be gathering in Rio. Not to be left out, the Pet Camp counselors will be participating in their own summer Olympics Pentathlon made up of food preparation, poop scooping, cat nail clipping (which includes a degree of difficulty component), dog…

August 2, 2016



And if Log Cabin Day was not enough to make the weekend of June 25th special, let us not forget that this is also Pride Weekend.  Sure, there’s lots of griping about how corporate Pride has gotten, a lawsuit threatening to close the celebration at Civic Center, and in this transit first city of ours…

June 7, 2016


Log Cabin Day Coming June 25!

So, if National Hug Your Cat Day didn’t get you running to the liquor cabinet saying ‘Don’t these idiots have anything better to do than name days random things?’ how does Log Cabin Day strike you? Personally we think this “holiday” should come with a free set of Lincoln Logs or at least be linked…

June 6, 2016


July 4th Weekend

Yup, we know it’s only June but the 4th of July is just around the corner. While you’re out enjoying BBQs and Fireworks (things not great for campers), we’ve got your four legged friend covered. Both Cat Safari and the Main Campground are open on July 3rd for check-ins; both lobbies are closed on the…