6 Apr

Bad Review = Free Money?

Pet Camp recently purchased an item from Amazon for one of our pet care facilities. Before you yell at us for not buying local from a San Francisco business, I did try to purchase the item locally first,but couldn’t locate it. Anyway, the purchase was a failure – the item just didn’t meet our needs […]

22 Mar

Association of Lodging Professionals: Human Lodging vs. Pet Boarding

Last month I attended the national gathering of the Association of Lodging Professionals – the industry group for the independent (human) lodging community. I had called in advance about attending and after the initial laughter on their part, I explained that there was a lot of overlap between the human and pet lodging world and […]

14 Mar

Sure – That’s Why You Ordered The Little Blue Pill!

Anyone who watches TV or listens to the radio can’t escape ads for the little blue pill (or ads telling you why you need something besides the little blue pill). Well, for those who find this type of discussion embarrassing, turns out there is another reason to be discussing Viagra. Megaesophagus, a disorder in dogs […]

24 Feb

Super Bowl Party – Not So Super for Dog?

Like many people, the other week I went to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl. Going to this friend’s house for the Super Bowl is an annual affair. It is generally a low-keyed affair, and sadly much more low keyed since all the kids (which used to number around 10) left for college. […]

8 Feb

Bored Cats May Be Unhealthy Cats

At Pet Camp, we’ve always believed that cats, like dogs, need to be active and have enriched days. We know that there are some people who think that cats can just be left alone all day with water, food and litter box; but we know better.   It’s nice to know that the folks at […]

11 Jan

Say it ain’t so: San Francisco a BAD City for Cats!

At the end of last year, OneVet released a survey that placed San Francisco as number 8 of the 10 WORST cities for a cat! We tried to find the actual survey on OneVet’s web page to no avail and then scoured the internet looking – also to no avail. So as much as we […]

28 Dec

Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

I haven’t watched many animal television shows since Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom got cancelled. Really, what’s left to watch after Jim finished wrestling with the wild boar? According to the folks at Your Dog, it’s probably a good thing I stopped watching and perhaps you should too. Why should we use positive reinforcement to […]

21 Dec

Continuing Education at Pet Camp

Last month, Michelle and Mark attended a four day “pet boarding and daycare expo.” Like conferences from long ago (say 18 months to 2 years ago) this event was full of owners and managers of overnight care and doggie day care facilities from around the country, those thinking about getting into the pet care industry, […]