17 Apr

What is a Puppy Mill?

“Puppy Mill” – few terms bring about such a visceral reaction in the dog world. But what exactly is a puppy mill? Well in addition to there being no legal definition of a puppy mill, until recently there was no agreed upon industry definition either. Recently, after two years of work, the American Pet Products […]

9 Apr

Still Winning After All These Years

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Thanks to everyone who voted Pet Camp as best overnight pet care facility in the Bay Area! This is the 5th year in a row we’ve taken this honor. We are humbled by the trust our campers’ parents place in us every day and can’t think of a better way to spend […]

4 Apr

Is declining treatment for your pet animal abuse?

I got a call from a reporter the other day with an unusual question. She said that someone had called her and told her that they had taken their dog to a local veterinarian because the dog had a swollen muzzle. The veterinarian diagnosed a cracked tooth and suggested extraction with an estimated cost of […]

27 Mar

Tech and the Small Business

We opened Pet Camp 17 years ago at the start of what became known as the “Dot-Com Boom.” While everyone else who was starting a business was going high tech, we went low-low tech. The “Dot-Com Boom” went onto become the “Dot-Com Bust” and many of those remarkable tech companies (anyone remember Pets.com?) left while […]

20 Mar

Cost and End of Life Decisions

Sadly, there is a time in every pet parent’s life when that most dreaded decision has to be made. While deciding to put a pet to sleep is never easy, there are times when the decision point is “clearer.” Yet there are many times when the decision is made for “non-medical” reasons.  Here at Pet […]

13 Mar

Where Does Your Charitable Donation Go?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recently agreed to pay (that’s right PAY) $9.3 million to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus over unproven claims brought by the ASPCA that the Circus abused elephants. Way back in 2000 the ASPCA sued the Circus claiming there was elephant abuse, a […]

5 Mar

Dog Training Saves Lives

Recently we hosted two 10-month old Rottweiler puppies, Carmine and Vincent, from San Francisco Animal Care and Control for a week of lodging and training. These two very cute (but rambunctious) puppies had not passed the adoption test because they were too difficult to manage.Sadly, failure to pass the adoption test often means that the dog will […]

27 Feb

Rent a Pet at a Strip Mall Near You

I take Splash, my Newfie, with me everywhere I go – which includes several bars in both San Francisco and Oakland. Splash is an attention getter, so much so that I am often asked if I can lend her out to those who are looking to attract a little attention and start a few conversations.   I […]

19 Feb

Old Dogs: When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

One year ago today I had to say goodbye to Zambi. She was 13 years old – ancient in Newfoundland years. And as with everything Zambi did for me, she made her passing easy, well as easy as possible for a pet parent.  She simply stopped eating and drinking Friday night after work.  By Sunday […]

13 Feb

Stop Feeding My Dog Human Food

I’m a big believer that humans eat human food and dogs eat dog food. I think it’s healthier for my dog.  I don’t think her stomach can process the spicy Mexican food that I like – and there are plenty of really high quality dog foods available. Equally important, I don’t want her to think […]