San Francisco Shelter In Place – Week 1 Update

It has been a week of sheltering in place for San Francisco (in case you are counting, that’s 7 weeks in dog years), and I have to say that things are both bleak and amazing. First the bleak: Pet Camp, like pet care facilities around the country and businesses everywhere, has taken the response to…

March 24, 2020

counselor savannah

Thanks for Asking – How COVID-19 Impacts Pet Care Facilities

The other day we got a cancellation of an overnight stay at Cat Safari. Frankly, these past weeks we’ve been getting plenty of cancellations of both overnight stays at both Cat Safari and the Main Campground as well as doggie day care reservations at the Main Campground. We completely understand why this is happening, that…

March 13, 2020

Dear Abby: Time to Join the Modern Era of Quality Pet Care

The other week I was reading Dear Abby; ok, that’s not true, I’ve never read Dear Abby in my life. Really, my wife was reading it and told me that Dear Abby had said that asking a family member to put a dog in a “kennel” is “tantamount to telling them they must put their…

March 10, 2020