17 Apr


It’s prom time once again. That time of year when 16, 17 & 18 year olds get dressed up, put a corsage on a wrist and try not to stab someone when pinning on a boutonniere.  But before that eventful evening, someone has to offer a promposal.   Promposals come in all shapes and sizes just […]

7 Apr

Prescription Pet Food: Why Is It So Expensive?

Sadly, almost every pet parent has been to the veterinarian for some reason and ended up having to purchase prescription pet food.  After picking yourself up off the floor when you realized the pet food costs more than your monthly home food budget, you purchase the food and while still cussing under your breath head […]

31 Mar

Looking at Colleges and Your Pet

I’m spending this week with 2 of my 3 children who are high school juniors looking at colleges on the East Coast.  Now what does this have to do with your pet you’re wondering?  Well, shockingly a lot. As I walk around these campuses, watch the hustle and bustle of the late teen and the […]

20 Mar

News Flash: Cat Ownership Not Linked to Mental Illness!

We know, you’re thinking WTF?  But we don’t make this stuff up and haven’t you wondered if the crazy old lady with all those cats was actually crazy?  Well breathe easy, because as reported in Science Daily, new research from the University College London has found no link between cat ownership and psychotic symptoms.  The […]

15 Mar

Better Than a Brother or Sister? A dog!

Perhaps this is not news to any parent with more than 1 kid and at least one pet; but it turns out that having a pet is better than having a sibling!  According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge and published in the Journal of Applied Development, having a pet provides greater […]

7 Mar

Time for Paw-Ternity Leave in San Francisco

As a small business in San Francisco it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the list of benefits mandated by our Board of Supervisors and Mayor: from required paid time off (for even part time counselors) and health care (again, even for part time counselors), to a minimum wage in San Francisco that is 30% […]

3 Mar

Pet and Women Safety Act of 2017

A few weeks ago Congress did the right thing (I know, you’re shocked already) and re-introduced the Pet and Women Safety Act of 2017.  In the most general terms, this Act is designed to “protect victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence from emotional and psychological trauma caused by acts of violence […]

28 Feb

World Spay Day

February 28th is World Spay Day.  Pet Camp is proud to support the Peninsula Humane Society and their mobile spay/neuter clinic (often referred to as the “Go Nuts” van).  Take a listen to Dr. Tiffany Hahn from the Peninsula Human Society as she explains the health and behavioral benefits to spaying or neutering your pet.  […]

26 Feb

Fairy Tale Day at Pet Camp

It’s Fairy Tale Day and while every day at Pet Camp has a Fairy Tale like ending for your dog or cat, we wanted to celebrate Fairy Tale Day (really, too bad it’s not Fairy Tail Day) with a special Pet Camp fairy tale. Grab a nice cup of hot coco, drop in a few […]

22 Feb

What’s Up with Grain-Free Dog Food?

We’ve written about dog food in the past, but a recent article in DogWatch, the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s monthly newsletter, caught our attention and we wanted to pass it on.  At Pet Camp we can have up to 160 dogs lodging with us plus a number of dogs just doing doggie day […]